On the Vegetal Verge (with Saint Hildegard)

Michael Marder Artículo en Revista 2019 Grupo Consolidado

Comparative and Continental Philosophy

This article is a meditation, developed in dialogue with the thought of twelfth-century German mystic and saint Hildegard of Bingen, on the various senses of the verge. Besides connoting a temporal and spatial edge, the verge unites such apparently disparate things as virginity and virility, vigor and virtue, veracity and viriditas – Hildegard’s original term for the vegetal principle of “greening green,” allowing for the self-reproduction of all finite existence. I show how, in the shadow of vegetality, the verge sparks a series of sudden reversals in which, figured as “the greenest branch,” Virgin Mary is imbued with a greater strength than the Flower-Child she carries, and plant life is endowed with vigor animating the rest of creation.

Marder, M. (2019). On the Vegetal Verge (with Saint Hildegard)Comparative and Continental Philosophy, 11(2), 137-146.