Procreative Chronographies: Ethnographic examples analysed from a new perspective

Elixabete Imaz Artículo en Revista 2019 Grupo Consolidado

Revista de Antropología Iberoamericana AIBR

This article offers an ethnographic panorama about human procreation in different societies. It is the main outcome of several ethnographic researches carried out by a group of anthropologists whose ethnographic data allow a more systematic approach to different folk procreation conceptions. In this light, a new specific technique of ethnographic research
analysis is presented: the procreative chronographie. Such technique has made possible to analyse in great processual detail all that configures a procreative structure, with its deep meanings and correlations with many other social and cultural aspects that structure every different society.

Fons, V.; Casado, I.;Imaz, E.; Lázare, S. y Sáez, M. Fons, Virginia.; Casado, Irina;Imaz, Elixabete.; Lázare, Sandra y Sáez, María. (2019). Cronografías procreativas: Ejemplos etnográficos analizados desde una nueva perspectivaAIBR, 14(3), 398-415.