Olatz González Abrisketa ha publicado en la revista Signs, “It’s Okay, Sister, Your Wolf-Pack Is Here”: Sisterhood as Public Feminism in Spain”.

The unprecedented success of Spanish public feminism, which culminated in the International Women’s Strike of March 8, 2018, cannot be properly understood unless we consider two events that took place in the fall of 2017: the trial for the gang rape of a young woman at the San Fermín fiestas in Pamplona and the #MeToo movement. This connection suggests that rejection of sexual violence is one of the main incentives to join and support the public expressions of feminism in Spain and serves as a point of convergence for the ideals that attract attention and make visible contemporary feminism in this country. One of these ideals, already classic in Anglo-American feminism, is that of sisterhood. The appeal for solidarity among women has penetrated the movement and flourishes through social networks and public demonstrations, generating a great flow of both protest and solidarity messages such as #Sororidad (Sisterhood), #HermanaYoSíTeCreo (Sister, I believe you), #LaManadaSomosNosotras (We are the she-wolf pack), or simply #Juntas (Together). This article reviews the theoretical development of sisterhood in feminist literature looking back to the 1970s, when US women took to the streets with the rallying cry “sisterhood is powerful,” and shows how the claim for sisterhood has reappeared in Spain in recent years. It offers a case study in order to rethink a concept that, while generating considerable disagreement among theoreticians, is proving highly successful in mobilizing women and gaining their support for the feminist struggle.

G. Abrisketa, O. & G. Abrisketa, M. (2020). “It’s Okay, Sister, Your Wolf-Pack Is Here”: Sisterhood as Public Feminism in Spain”. Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and Society, 45(4), 931-953.

CEIC joins the Consejo Latinoamericano de Ciencias Sociales (CLACSO) Network

Buenos Aires, 28 de Octubre de 2019

Benjamín Tejerina
Director del Centro de Estudios sobre la Identidad Colectiva

En mi calidad de Secretaria Ejecutiva del Consejo Latinoamericano de Ciencias Sociales (CLACSO), tengo el agrado de dirigirme a Ud. a fin de comunicarle que su solicitud de afiliación como institución asociada de la red CLACSO ha sido aprobada por el Comité Directivo en su 100° Período de Sesiones, realizado entre los días 19 y 20 de Octubre de 2019 en La Habana, ad referéndum de su aprobación por Asamblea Ordinaria.

La afiliación les habilita a participar de las diversas actividades y programas académicos promovidos por nuestro Consejo. Todas las actividades promovidas por CLACSO están disponibles en nuestra página web: www.clacso.org. Del mismo modo, divulgamos nuestras actividades por listas de correo electrónico y redes sociales.

Es un gran honor para mí, en nombre de CLACSO, darle la más cordial bienvenida a la mayor red de ciencias sociales de América Latina y el Caribe.

Quedamos a su entera disposición para proporcionarle cualquier información complementaria que considere necesaria.

Le hago llegar un fraternal saludo,   

Karina Batthyány   
Secretaria Ejecutiva

Gabriel Gatti is Edward Larocque Tinker Visiting Professor at the Center for Latin American Studies, Stanford University

Gabriel Gatti is doing a one-year (2019-2020) research stay at the Center for Latin American Studies, Stanford University. For more information, see https://clas.stanford.edu/people/gabriel-gatti.

Miren Elixabete Imaz is doing a research stay at the Center for Latin American Studies, Stanford University

Miren Elixabete Imaz is spending a year (2019-2020) at the Center for Latin American Studies at Stanford University. Miren’s project is entitled “Belonging, identity and cultural transmission of Spanish-speaking Americans. An anthropological study from genealogies and family stories”, and the stay is financed by the José Castillejo 2019/MINECO Call.

Papeles Journal among the top 10 scientific journals in the area of Sociology

In the recent edition of the “H index of Spanish Scientific Journals according to Google Scholar Metrics (2012-2016)”, Papeles del CEIC ranks among the top ten journals in the area of sociology. You can access the complete information in the following link: www.researchgate.net/