Gabriel Gatti and María Martínez (coords.) have published at the journal Death Studies the special issue “Dead in life. Lives pierced by death”.

The special issue entitled “Dead in Life. Lives Pierced by Death” emerged from a collective work and an empirical need. We were confronted, in a growing number of situations, to the need to rethink the borders between life and death and the intersections between those two states, which result in bad deaths and bad lives. The articles gathered here examine, on the one hand, how atypical deaths are produced, managed, and lived; and, on the other hand, look at those who are left behind after catastrophe and loss, the life that is broken following an exposure to death, the forms of life that come into contact with (civil or social) death.

Gabriel Gatti & María Martínez (2020) Dead in life. Lives pierced by death,
Death Studies, 44:11, 677-680, DOI: 10.1080/07481187.2020.1771850