Beyond Presence?

Michael Marder et al. Artículo en Revista 2019 Grupo Consolidado

Gatherings: The Heidegger Circle Annual

The title I propose for my contribution to the Gatherings Symposium
on the theme “Beyond Presence?” is a tiny, fragmentary quotation from
the Introduction to Being and Time. I suggest directing a sort of hermeneutical flashlight onto the words “…as parousia or ousia…” still
without specifying what appears before and after them. The advantage
of partial illumination, letting these words’ textual neighborhood provisionally drift into darkness, is that it fixes the theoretical gaze on a
pair of observations a reader typically skips over.

Backman, J., Carman, T., Dahlstrom, D.O., Harman, G., Marder, M., Polt, R. (2019). Beyond Presence? Gatherings: The Heidegger Circle Annual, 9, 145-174.