Youth coming out of the crisis

Benjamín Tejerina, Jorge Benedicto, Antonio Echaves, Teresa Jurado y María Ramos Artículo en Revista 2020 CEIC, Grupo Consolidado

Revista Española de Sociología (RES)

Based on the results of a survey carried out in 2016 on a sample of 5,002 young Spaniards between between 15 and 29 years old, which gives continuity to a series of four-yearly reports on the situation of youth, we try to answer the question of what we know about the modus vivendi of Spanish youth coming out of the crisis. In this collective reflection, the impact of the crisis on working conditions and the process of precarization of youth, the role of education in exceptional situations, the political activation of broad sectors in the face of the widespread idea of apathy and disinterest, the stability of their lifestyles, the high level of satisfaction with life and future prospects, despite the delay in housing emancipation and the mismatch between desires and reality, is examined in depth.

Benedicto, J., Echaves, A., Jurado, T., Ramos, M., & Tejerina, B. (2020). Youth coming out of the crisis. Spanish Journal of Sociology / Revista Española De Sociología, 29(3 /), 131-147.