Contagion: Before and Beyond COVID-19

Michael Marder Artículo en Revista online 2020 Grupo Consolidado

Los Angeles Review of Books

With the new coronavirus pandemic, the sense of touch has come under attack. Medical authorities insistently advise us: do not touch your face, do not touch doorknobs with your hands, and definitely do not touch others (no kisses on the cheek, handshakes, or other bodily greetings). It is easy to understand the reason behind such guidance. The virus is highly contagious and can survive not only on the skin but also on inorganic surfaces for a relatively long period of time. But the cultural frame of what is going on is at least as important as the biological or epidemiological explanation.

Marder, M. (2020). Contagion: Before and Beyond COVID-19. Los Angeles Review of Books. March 19th.