Papeles del CEIC. International Journal on Collective Identity Research

Papeles del CEIC seeks to deepen the theoretical understanding and empirical research of contemporary forms of collective identity.

It publishes two annual issues with original articles that showcase the diversity of disciplines, approaches, and styles looking at this complex object.

The articles published in its main sections undergo a double-blinded peer-review process.

Papeles del CEIC is hosted by the Collective Identity Research Center, Department of Sociology 2 at the University of the Basque Country. 

Papeles del CEIC publishes articles on:
  • The social institutions that articulate modern identity and its crisis (politics, religion, work, gender, community).
  • Identity in the knowledge society (social reflexivity, material supports of identity, technology, etc.).
  • Social zones of emerging meaning (sociability, culture, youth, gender, migration, human rights).
  • Theoretical contributions in the sociology of collective identity.

For further information go to Papeles del CEIC.