The Collective Identity Research Center (CEIC, for its acronym in Spanish) has its headquarters in the Department of Sociology 2 at the University of the Basque Country (UPV-EHU).

The CEIC is headed by its President and Director, and currently has 9 research members and 4 associated members. Most of them are affiliated to the UPV-EHU, and also to other prestigious academic institutions in Spain and abroad. In addition, the center hosts a number of visiting researchers.

Since 1997, the CEIC has hosted the high-performance research group “Social Change, Precariousness and Identity in Contemporary Society” (IT706-13), categorized as Type A by the Basque university system.

Starting in 2001 the Center also publishes the academic journal Papeles del CEIC. International Journal on Collective Identity Research.

Among the activities organized by the Center is the cycle of CEIC Seminars (link). This includes public presentations of advances and results of the center’s research projects. The Seminars also attract presentations by external researchers working on topics related to the Center’s main lines of research.

The CEIC is articulated horizontally through research projects that gather CEIC members and associated members, members of the High-performance Research Group, and other external investigators. These projects organize their own activities, such as permanent seminars and international conferences.