Endika Basañez Barrio

Endika Basáñez Barrio

Member of the Consolidated Research Group

Ph.D. in Comparative Literature and Literary Studies ( Summa cum laude and International Mention distinction), Master’s degree in Literary Studies (Best Student of the Class Award) and Bachelor of Hispanic Philology (Valdictorian Award), all of them from the University of the Basque Country / Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatea UPV / EHU. His research revolves around contemporary and current Latin American migratory literary production that has been carried out in diasporic and exilic contexts, as well as the diverse typology of violence associated with migrant displacement. Likewise, he has been a professor and researcher of Hispanic Studies at the University of the Basque Country and at the University of Puerto Rico as well, where he made an academic stay thanks to the Egonlabur grant from the Basque Government. He has too participated in conferences and lectures of a philological, political and sociological nature and, in the same way, has published several refereed articles in both Spanish and international magazines. He is currently a postdoctoral researcher at the Catholic University of Leuven (KU Leuven), Belgium.

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