Elisa Floristán Millán

Former Member of the Consolidated Research Group

During her degree, she was focused on Mental Heath activism, doing field work in ‘Flipas Gam Collective’ in Madrid. With respect to investigation about alternative and counterhegemonic ways of understanding psychiatry, she began to look into the relationship between psychiatric diagnosis and the neoliberal capitalist system, focusing on social suffering and discomfort as part of the subjectivity constructed by the aforementioned system. This line of research lead to her degree dissertation titled “El precio de la libertad: sufrimientos y malestares en el actual Neoliberalismo”. Together with her interest in Mental Health research, triggered by a post graduate course titled “Salud mental en contextos de violencia política y catástrofes naturales”, she became part of a research group looking into the impact of the torture of the Israeli government on Palestinian political prisoners in suport of the TRC in Ramallah.
Throughout the course of taking her Master titled “Teoría y Crítica de la Cultura”, she found herself in the field of studying Human Rights, Peace making Processes, and Public Orientation. This was finished with the investigation “¿Qué puedo hacer yo? Derechos humanos, reparación y compromiso político”.
Her experience inside the research group titled “Fronteras, democracia y justicia global. Argumentos filosóficos en torno a la emergencia de un espacio cosmopolita” has lead to her thesis focused on analysing infant migration in the south border of Europe.