Elena Casirain

Member of the Consolidated Research Group- GAIT

PhD student in anthropology at the UPV-EHU and the University of Toulouse Jean Jaurès (UT2J), she graduated in anthropology and subsequently obtained a master’s degree in ethnological research into intangible heritage – Expertise Ethnologique en Patrimoine Immatériel (EEPI) at the University of Toulouse Jean Jaurès. Currently doctoral student, her research focuses on the experiences of the borderland situated within the Basque Country, seeking to question the ways in which a political border is being present and/or absent in an area today. Her work is based on an ethnographic description based on a field study carried out in Soule, in the valleys of north-eastern Navarre and in Baja-Navarra. She obtained a CIFRe contract to finance her thesis at the Conseil de Développement du Pays Basque (CDPB), where she is in charge of projects related to her research topic. She is also part of the driving force behind the Eusko Ikaskuntza programme: “Basque identity(ies) in the 21st century: objective 2050”.